Friday, July 15, 2016

Yulieski Gurriel Of The Houston Astros

The Houston Astros signed former Cuban star Yulieski Gurriel to a five year contract today.  Gurriel, who defected from Cuba last winter, was one of four Cuban players who were allowed by the Cuban government to play in Japan in 2014.  Gurriel hit .305 with 11 home runs and 30 RBIs in 62 games with the Yokohama DeNA Baystars.  He had signed a contract with the Baystars for 2015 with his brother Lourdes (who defected with him) but he never actually returned and DeNA eventually voided his contract.

Gurriel (or Gourriel as his last name used to be spelled) already has quite a few baseball cards.  I listed a lot of his World Baseball Classic cards from Upper Deck, Topps and Konami when he signed with Yokohama two years ago and I listed many of his 2014 Japanese baseball cards at the end of the year.  His contract with the Baystars was voided just before the 2015 season started and about two weeks or so before BBM put out their 1st Version set that year so he has two cards in the set:

2015 BBM 1st Version #286

2015 BBM 1st Version Cross Plasma #CP32

Here's what I know exists for him in the way of base set cards from Japan:

2014 Bandai Owners League 03 #111
2014 BBM 2nd Version #439
2014 BBM Classic #063
2014 BBM Genesis #094
2014 Calbee #242
2014 Front Runner Baystars Signature Edition #07
2015 BBM 1st Version #286
2015 BBM 1st Version "Cross Plasma" #CP32

I'm pretty sure he has autograph and/or memorabilia cards in the Genesis and Front Runner sets.  He also appears in a couple of the Baystars team issued sets but I really don't know any details about them.

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