Tuesday, July 19, 2016

White Whale Finally Defeated

Well, it took almost 16 years but I was able to finally defeat my white whale - the 2000 BBM 20th Century Best 9 set.  While I had finished the base set almost two years ago, there was one final insert card that had eluded me until recently.  I finally got it off of Yahoo! Japan Auctions almost two months ago and it was delivered today with a couple other items in a shipment from the auction proxy company.

So here's the last card I needed - from "The Scene" insert set that commemorated famous moments in NPB history.  This shows Sadaharu Oh hitting his 756th home run to pass Henry Aaron:

2000 BBM 20th Century Best 9 "The Scene" #S-04
I kind of feel like Oh must of in this picture.  And it almost took me as long to get all the cards in this set as it did for him to hit all those home runs!


Tony Burbs said...

"Oh" baby, what a scene that must have been. Congratulations on harpooning that white whale!

R Laughton said...

Congrats!! And I bet that felt good to finish that. What's your next adventure?

Fuji said...

Congratulations on completing your master set. That's one heck of a card to wrap things up.

Sean said...

Congratulations! Its great to finish off a hard set like that, now you`re going to need a new white whale to hunt!