Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Trade With Alex

About a month ago I made the acquaintance (via an introduction from Dan Skrezyna) of a Japanese card collector named Alex who lives in the UK.  Alex was looking for a particular card from the 2015 Super Star Season 2 KBO card set and luckily I had an extra of it.  Even better, Alex had some interesting vintage cards to trade.  I ended up sending him some cash to make an attempt to even up the trade but we both included a bunch of bonus cards to each other so I probably should throw in some more cash...

Anyway, here's what he sent me.  First is the cards that I actually traded for - a bunch of old Takara cards:

1979 Takara Giants Kiyoshi Nakahata

1981 Takara Orions Choji Murata

1981 Takara Orions Hiroshi Takahashi

1986 Takara Lions Koji Akiyama

1986 Takara Hawks Hiromitsu Kadota
You probably are familiar with the other players but Hiroshi Takahashi is notable for the fact that he was one of the other two players along with Masanori Murakami that the Nankai Hawks lent to the Giants organization back in 1964.

Alex also threw in a bunch of cards from the 1977 NST set:

1977 NST #191 Tadashi Sugiura

1977 NST #241 Katsuo Ohsugi

1977 NST #265 Kiyoshi Nakahata

1977 NST #266 Kenichiro Kawamura

1977 NST #208 Shigeo Nagashima

1977 NST #31 Takashi Ide

1977 NST #102 Sachio Kinugasa

1977 NST #69 Koji Yamamoto

1977 NST #210 Isao Harimoto

1977 NST #100 Shigeo Nagashima

1977 NST #283 Shigeo Nagashima

1977 NST #285 Isao Harimoto & Sadaharu Oh
He also included one more Takara card:

1982 Takara Lions Osamu Higashio

So thanks for the trade Alex!  Let me know if I owe you anything more!


SumoMenkoMan said...

Cool trade and glad that it worked out! Love the NST set!

Dan Skrezyna said...

Great trade, Dave! Glad it worked out for you guys.

Unknown said...

More cash? Of course not! Was a lot of fun trading with you!