Thursday, November 9, 2017

And One More

BBM released information today (one day AFTER I'd done a post about new releases) about their first set for 2018 - "Time Travel 1989".  This is a retro themed set that's dedicated to 1989, the first year in the Heisei Period.  Like last winter's "Time Travel 1975" set, the base set will contain 99 cards - 76 of which are "regular" cards for players and managers (I'm assuming) who were active in 1989 (not sure how the cards will be split between teams since 78 is not evenly divisible by 12 but I'll make a guess that it's six cards per team except for the pennant winners Kintetsu and Yomiuri who will have nine each).  The rest of the set is made up of a couple subsets - there's six cards (I think) for players who retired in 1989, an undetermined number of cards for 1989 highlights, six cards for players born in 1989 and another undetermined number of cards for pop culture highlights of 1989.  The two undermined numbers will add up to nine.  There are two insert sets for the 1989 League Leaders - there's 10 cards for the Central League leaders and 8 cards for the Pacific League leaders.  There will also be autographed cards available for both the OB players and (I think) the "Born in 1989" active players.  The set will be released in late December.

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