Friday, February 8, 2019

Oddball Update

After seeing my post the other day about these three odd Teleca Korean cards from 2000 Dan reached out to Thomas St. John to ask about them.  Here's his reply:
They wanted a few cards in English, after some pressure from yours truly, and we made these.  These are normal Teleca issues, not made by me privately.  The card photos are mine though.
The Taiwanese card is of a guy who was crushing it in the US minors and was set to be the first Taiwanese player in the majors.  He had no national team card so I suggested it be made.  The Lee/Hong was made because the photo was great of the two big young stars in the KBO at the time.  Who knew that they both would be so awesome!  I believe these were the only three.  Hope that helps.
It does indeed.  Thanks for the reply Mr. St John and thanks to Dan for asking him the question, passing the answer along to me and getting permission for me to reprint it.