Sunday, April 26, 2009

Card Of The Week April 26

I was looking through some old Calbee cards today (looking to see what I had in the way of Hiromitsu Kadota cards for the next Career Home Run Leader post) and I came across this card of Tsutomu Wakamatsu from 1979:

1979 Calbee was a little odd. Calbee produced over 400 cards that year in about 12 different sets. There was the "regular" set; sets for the "best" players (according to some sort of contest) for April, May, July, August and October; sets for the April-June "stars" for both the Central and Pacific leagues; a "Title holders" set; a set for the the Central League Champion Carp; a different set for the Nippon Series champion Carp and a set for the Nippon Series between the Carp and Buffaloes itself.

The Wakamatsu card is from the "May Best" series. It is card number 15, indicating that he came in 15th in the contest (Shigeru Kobayashi came in first).


Mischa said...

Any idea what project you'll cover once the top home run leader project is done. I'd like to have bios up at Baseball-Reference for any players you most images of.

NPB Card Guy said...

Assuming I ever actually finish the career home run leaders, I'll probably do the top 10 or 15 career wins leaders, although since most of them played pre1970, I don't have many contemporary cards of them. I'll have to browse baseball-reference some more and see which of your bios need pictures. Maybe I can put some up for "card of the week".