Thursday, April 2, 2009

New BBM stuff

BBM's website today had listings for three new sets: the team sets for the Tigers and Buffaloes and a box set for the Giants.

The Tigers set has 108 regular cards and will be out in early May. The regular cards break down as 78 cards of players, coaches and the manager, five cards of OB players who are team leaders (I think), six cards of rookies (I think), a checklist card, a nine card puzzle and nine cards of current players when they were rookies (I think). There's also the "Shining Star" and "Active Leader" insert subsets as well as the usual memorabilia and autograph cards.

The Buffaloes set will be released in late May. It will have 102 regular cards which are made up of 72 cards for players and the manager, a checklist card, a six card subset called "Before The Break", a three card "Wild Buffaloes" subset featuring foreign players, a five card subset for the four pitchers with more than 10 wins last season (I think - I haven't verified that there were four pitchers with 10 wins last season), a five card "large challenge" subset and a nine card "Successive Buffaloes" subset which I think is a sequence of cards showing a batter's swing or pitcher's motion. There's a "Shining Star" insert subset and autograph and memorabilia cards also.

The Giants box set is called EXPRESSION and it will be released at the end of April. It's a 34 card set featuring 16 cards of current Giants players, two "Playback 2008" cards, three cards for new Giants players (I think), six cards for Giants rookies (I think) and six card for guys who changed their numbers (I think).

As you can tell, I'm not sure what some of the subsets in the sets are. I'm making a best guess based on the Babel Fish translations.

BBM also updated their web page for the previously announced Fighters set to include card samples.

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