Saturday, April 11, 2009

Career Home Run Leaders #5 - Kazuhiro Kiyohara

With Tomoaki Kanemoto and Tuffy Rhodes each having a pretty good start to their seasons, I need to get this series of posts wrapped up before they make it completely out of date. Rhodes tied Shigeo Nagashima for 12th on Wednesday with his 444th home run, then moved past him today. Kanemoto already has seven on the season, including three in one game, giving him a current total of 428, nine behind Koji Akiyama for 14th on the All Time List. (Update: Kanemoto actually has hit 3 home runs in a game twice already this season - the second time being two days after the first.)

Still at #5 on the list is the recently retired Kazuhiro Kiyohara with 525. I did a retrospective on him when he announced his retirement last August, plus a post on his 2009 BBM tribute set a few weeks ago. Not to mention a post on this. So I think I've covered him pretty well here. Here's one more card (#30) from the tribute set:

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