Sunday, August 23, 2009

Card Of The Week August 23

OK, after the lack of success that I had last week tracking down Senichi Hoshino, I wanted to show that I did get an autograph from a former NPB player once. A couple years back, the Wilmington Blue Rocks had a coach named Ty Gainey who had played for the Orix Blue Wave in 1993 and 1994. I was able to get him to autograph this 1993 BBM card (#250):

He did mention that it wasn't a card he saw everyday.


zman40 said...

Nice work!

Jason said...

Cool! I was really hoping to get one of my Hensley Meulens BBM or Takara cards signed in Nashville when the Grizzlies came to town, but ended up being out of town for work that week! ARGH!

Here's hoping Tuffy Rhodes gets a minor league coaching job when he retires...