Friday, October 9, 2009

New BBM Carp Anniversary Set

Well, I've been waiting all year for an Orix 20th Anniversary set from BBM, but I haven't seen one yet. Today, however, BBM released information about a Hiroshima Carp 60th Anniversary set. This is a pack based set that will be released in November. Following the pattern of every other recent Anniversary set, it has 99 regular cards broken into a six card "Carp History" subset, 66 cards of former players (both OB and active, former Carp - I'd expect to see both Hiroki Kuroda and Akira Etoh for example), 18 cards for the 2009 team and a nine card "Team Record" subset. There'll also be a nine card "Best 9" insert set and the usual autographed inserts.

This set will be the ninth team Anniversary set that BBM has done since 2004 (and the sixth in the last two years). The only teams left without an Anniversary set are Orix, the Fighters and the Golden Eagles.

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