Saturday, March 13, 2010

New BBM Sets?

Through a link that Jason left in a comment the other day, it looks like I've found information on three BBM sets that have not been listed on their website yet. It looks like the 2010 Tokyo Big Six Spring Version will be released soon. The webpage says that it's a boxed set with 37 cards (36 "regular" cards plus an insert card). If that's accurate, that means the set will be 24 cards smaller than the previous two years.

There's a Giants boxed set called "Real Beginning". It also is apparently a 37 card boxed set (36 "regular" card plus an insert card). There is also a listing for the Orix Buffaloes pack based team set.

I believe that the two box sets will be out this month and the Orix set will be out in April. Jason has attempted to have kuboTEN order cards from this site, so if anyone wants to give that a try, have at it.

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