Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2011 Hall Of Fame Class

Last week, the Japanese Baseball Hall Of Fame unveiled their 2011 inductees, former Orion, Dragon, Giant and Fighter slugger and current Dragons manager Hiromitsu Ochiai and former Nankai Hawks pitcher Mutsuo Minagawa.

I've featured cards of Ochiai in a number of posts, as he is one of my favorite players. Following his retirement as a player in 1998, BBM included a 5 card "Ochiai Special" subset, featuring one card of him with each of his four teams as well as a card of him in a suit. Here's the plain clothes card of him (#548):

I don't have many cards of Minagawa. He doesn't show up in many of the BBM OB sets other than the 2008 Hawks 70th Anniversary set, although he's in one of the recent Epoch All Japan Baseball Foundation sets. Here's his card from the 2006 BBM Nostalgic Baseball set (#096):

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