Sunday, March 11, 2012

2012 BBM Team Sets

BBM announced the first four 2012 team sets last week - the Swallows, the Buffaloes, the Hawks and the Golden Eagles.  Each set is a pack-based set featuring 99 cards along with insert and memorabilia (jersey and autograph) cards.  There's also some mention of the "cross-brand" series (Cross Blaze?) but it's not clear to me how many cards are included.  The four sets will be released between late March and mid-April.

In addition, AmiAmi has listings for the Spring Version of the Tokyo Big Six set (37 card box set) and a 28 card box set called "Diamond Age 1989" which I'm guessing will feature players born in 1989 (as a follow up to last year's set for 1988.  (Perhaps they are attempting to pretend that last year's set was not simply an excuse to have another set with Yuki Saitoh in it?)

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