Sunday, March 25, 2012

Card Of The Week March 25

I won this card with a couple other mid-1950's bromides a few months ago on eBay.  They don't appear to be listed in Gary Engel's Checklist so I'm pretty much at a loss for identifying anyone on the cards.

The uniforms the Carp players are wearing dates the picture to the 1956-57 seasons.  I'm wondering if this is from some sort of intersquad game as there are two different uniform jersey's being worn - the pinstriped ones and the ones with "Hiroshima" on the left sleeve.  It looks like all the players are wearing pinstriped pants.  ("History Of Uniform" shows both jerseys as being the home ones worn in 1956 and 1957 - the text probably explains why there's two different home jerseys but I can't read it - I was happy that I figured out that the three characters on the top of the picture said "Carp".  Well, I think they do anyway...)

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