Sunday, August 5, 2012

Card Of The Week August 5

Scary moment during the Carp-Baystars game on Thursday - Tsubasa Aikawa of the Carp was hit in the face by a 148 kph (~92 mph) fastball thrown by Yokahama pitcher Shun Yamaguchi.

Here's the video (reference swiped from Yakyu Baka):

It looks like Aikawa has only suffered a broken nose - although he was carted off the field via ambulance just to make sure.

Aikawa was the Carp's third round pick in the 2007 draft.  He hasn't had a lot of playing time at the ichi-gun level so he hasn't had a lot of cards - beyond his 2007 Rookie Edition and 1st Version cards, BBM has only had cards of him in the Carp team sets.  Here's his 2009 BBM Carp card (#C38):

Hopefully he will recover soon.

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