Monday, August 20, 2012

Latest BBM releases

BBM released information about a couple of new sets today.  The first one is this year's edition of the annual All Star set.  It's a 70 card box set featuring cards of the 64 players who appeared in the three games last month plus the six managers (three from each league) who served as the managers and coaches for the teams.  If the description on the website is to be believed, there will not be any cards for the top vote getter or the game MVPs, which have been standard fare for this set for a number of years. The set will be released at the end of August.

The other set they announced is called Genesis (which is obviously in tribute to the 30th Anniversary of The Wrath Of Kahn, right?).  This is the new BBM high end set, which is taking the place of the annual Touch The Game set (which replaced Diamond Heroes in 2002).  The base set has 108 regular cards (9 per team) along with the final 36 "Cross Blaze" cards (this year's cross set subset).  There's eight separate insert sets - "Pitch On Leather"(12), some sort of checklist/highlight set (12), "Hit On Wood" (12), "Elite Of Nine" (12), "Franchise Legend" (12), "Ultra Nova" (12), "Cross Blaze Rookie" (12) and "Team Trinity" (36).  Looks like their are nine insert cards per team - I wonder if the nine players are the same nine as the base cards.  The big draw of the set is the large number of premium inserts - lots of memorabilia, patch, ball and autograph cards in all sorts of combinations.  The set will be out in mid-September.

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