Thursday, August 16, 2012


It's funny sometimes how your mind sees things that you expect to see.  Since 2008, BBM has issued two Tokyo Big Six sets per year, one for the spring season (the Spring Version) and one for the fall season (the Autumn Version).  As is typical of BBM cards, each card has the set name on it.

So last spring, when BBM issued a Tokyo Big Six set, I just assumed that it was the Spring Version, just like it had been the four previous years.  I assumed it was the Spring Version even after I had written a post about it, including scans of the box and several cards.  I assumed in was the Spring Version even after putting all the cards in alphabetical order by team and put them in 9 pocket sheets in my "college sets" binder.

But guess what I just realized?  The set is not the Spring Version.  Now that I actually look at the cards without already having decided what they say, I see that the cards (and the box) are labelled "2012 BBM Tokyo Big6 Baseball League Card Set".  There's no "Spring Version" to be seen anywhere.  Which makes me wonder - will this be the only Tokyo Big Six card set BBM does this year?

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