Thursday, June 13, 2013

2013 BBM 2nd Version Is Coming

BBM announced this year's 2nd Version set today on their website.  Like this year's 1st Version set, it looks like it's structured pretty much the way it has been the last few years.  There will be a 36 card (3 per team) "1st Version Update" subset, 216 "regular" player cards (18 per team), 12 team checklist cards and a currently unknown number of "1st Pitch Ceremony" cards.  The theme of the team checklists appears to be a highlight from the first part of the season (just like last year).  The set also includes the second installment of the "Cross Wind" cross set subset - 36 cards (3 per team).   There will also be a number of parallel issues, two insert sets ("Strongest" and "Twin Gem" - 12 in each with "TWIN GEM" featuring two players - I assume one card per team) , patch cards and what looks like rookie autograph cards.  The set will be released in early August.

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