Thursday, June 6, 2013

New Release-a-palooza

BBM has released information on several new sets this week:

- The final three team sets of the year have been announced - the Tigers, the Dragons and the Swallows.  All three sets are pack based sets that will be released in July (early in the month for the Tigers, late in the month for the other two).    The Tigers and Dragons sets have 108 cards in their base sets while the Swallows set has the more traditional 99.    Each set has at least one insert set associated with it (the Tigers have two) and each set has the usual multiplicity of parallel and memorabilia cards.

- The Kyushu Limited set is a pack based set that features only players from the island of Kyushu.  There will be 90 cards in the base set (with a parallel set I think) and a nine card insert set.  There will also be random autograph inserts.  The set will be out in late July.

- This is the third year in a row that BBM has issued a Dancing Heroine set so I guess it should be added to the list of perennial BBM sets.  This set features the dance teams/cheerleader squads for the ten teams that have them.  It's a pack based set containing 99 cards in the base set.  I think there are parallel versions available as well as insert and autograph cards but I'm not quite sure.  The set will be released in late June.  I might be wrong, but I think this is the first of two sets.  This one is called the "Hana" set.  Last year, BBM issued a "Hana" and a "Mai" set - it looks like the two sets used the same design but had different pictures.  (I'm not sure what either "Hana" or "Mai" means - the internet is giving me conflicting answers.)

- BBM's issuing a historic set called All Star Legend in mid-July, just in time for this year's All Star games.  Not completely sure about this, but it looks like the set will feature players from past All Star games and/or great moments in All Star game history.  (The specific example listed on the web page is about Katsuya Nomura's record 21 appearances on an All Star team.)    There will be 90 cards in the base set - 81 "regular" player cards and a nine card subset of some sort.  There will also be a nine card insert set (THE STAR OF STARS) and a bunch of autograph cards.


Alex Apice said...

Random question, but I'm looking for a 1994 BBM Mike Pagliarulo card and I was wondering if you know where I can get one. I believe it's #149 in the set, but I've seen pictures of two different cards - one is him at bat and one is him in the field.

NPB Card Guy said...

It is #149 in the set. I'm pretty sure I've seen that card on eBay recently. I don't have it but IIRC he's fielding on it. What may have confused you is that Pagliarulo actually has two BBM cards. The other one is #S50 from the 1994 Nippon Series set. From 1991 to 2000, BBM used designs that were very close to each year's "flagship" set design for that year's All Star and Nippon Series sets. So the Nippon Series card of Pagliarulo has a design that's quite similar to the card from the regular set. The Nippon Series card shows him batting (I actually have that one).

NPB Card Guy said...

Oops, like an idiot I didn't answer your question - try contacting Scott Kaneko and see if he can help you out.

Alex Apice said...

Thank you so much for the input! I will contact Scott.

Jason Presley said...

The SCF database is finally caught up with all the sets currently listed on Sports Card Jambalaya (not including the mascot and cheerleader sets). Now I'll start figuring out all the serial numbered parallels, autos and GU stuff that Jambalaya doesn't include.