Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fly Eagles Fly

BBM announced a couple Eagles-related sets this past week:

- First Crown is a box set commemorating the Eagles's first ever Pacific League championship (if I'm not mistaken, NPB treats the 1st place teams for each league as the League Champion, regardless of whether or not the team wins the Climax Series).  The set will contain 27 base set cards for the Eagles players (and manager Senichi Hoshino I assume) and one "special" card - possibly an autograph, memorabila, foil autograph or photo card.  The set will be out in late November.

- I'm to assume that what BBM wants to call this next set is something like "Invincibility Legend" but Google translate is coming up with "Invincibility Myth" which doesn't sound as good.  This is another 28 card box set dedicated to Masahiro Tanaka.  I think it's to celebrate Tanaka going 24-0 this year rather than a biography set for Tanaka (which BBM did for him back in 2010).  You've probably already guessed that the set contains 27 base set cards and one "special" card.  In addition to the usual autograph cards, it looks like the "special" card could also be a metallic card or a card with part of the pitching rubber from Miyagi Baseball Stadium.  This set will also be released in late November.

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grizz632 said...

Being the Tanaka fan that I am, BBM will get me for both of those sets for sure