Sunday, October 6, 2013

Shinya Miyamoto

Shinya Miyamoto of the Swallows is retiring as of the end of the season (the Swallows have one last game on Tuesday in the Tokyo Dome against the Giants).  The Swallows held a retirement ceremony for him last week at their last home game of the year.  Miyamoto has played his entire career with the Swallows.  He was taken by Yakult in the second round of the 1995 draft (held in the fall of 1994).  He appeared in three Nippon Series with the Swallows winning all three (1995, 1997 and 2001).  He made eight All Star teams in his 19 year career.  He reached 2000 hits last season, becoming a member of the Meikyukai.

I did a post on Miyamoto last season in honor of his 2000th hit so I'm not going to show too many cards here.  I still don't have his rookie card (1995 BBM #553) or his first Calbee card (2000 #054) although I do have the reprint of his first Calbee card from last year's Memorial subset.

2012 Calbee #M-33

Here's a smattering of other cards for him:

1997 BBM Nippon Series #S16

1998 BBM #273

2000 BBM Diamond Heroes #192

2001 Upper Deck Victory #023

2005 Konami Baseball Heroes Old Black Edition #B05B074

2006 BBM Swallows #TY97

2008 BBM 2nd Version #733

2012 BBM 2nd Version #666


Jason Presley said...

Do have any theories on how Calbee determines whether or not to give a player a card? It's odd that Miyamoto didn't get a card until three years after he was a regular with the Swallows. Bernardo Brito played a season and a half and had a card in the 1996 Calbee set. However, Hensley Meulens played three full seasons with the Swallows and was never issued a Calbee card.

NPB Card Guy said...

No idea.