Tuesday, October 1, 2013

More New BBM Sets

BBM has listed a couple of new sets in the last week or so:

- Not only are the Hawks celebrating their 75th Anniversary as a professional team, they are also celebrating having been in Fukuoka for 25 years.  As a followup to the Hawks 75th Anniversary set they published back in May, BBM is releasing a box set called Hawks 75th Anniversary - Fukuoka Legacy to commemorate this.  The set will contain 37 cards - 36 base set cards along with 1 "special" card which could be an autograph or memorabilia card.  There will be two separate versions of the set - a Kyushu one released on October 4th and a general one released on October 18th.  I think there are only 2500 sets being made - 1000 of the Kyushu and 1500 of the regular.  I believe that the only difference in the two versions are what "special" cards are available in each - I think the base sets will be the same.

- The annual Rookie Edition Premium set will be released in early November.  This is a 50 card box set featuring the top rookies for 2013.  There are 48 cards in the base set - 36 "regular" player cards (3 per team) along with a 12 card "Golden Crop" subset (1 card per team).  There are two "special" cards per box - the usual selection of photo cards, film cards, facsimile autographs, real autographs and memorabilia cards.

- 2014 is coming soon and, as usual, BBM's annual "Historic Collection" set is their first set for the new year.  This year's theme is "Brilliant Teenagers" and, also as usual, the base set will contain 144 cards - 72 active players and 72 OB players.  I'm guessing that the active players don't have to currently be teenagers as I don't think there are 72 teenagers on NPB rosters (and certainly not six per team).  It should be an interesting collection of guys who signed right out of high school.  This pack based set will also feature randomly inserted autograph cards and an 18 card insert set that they don't give any details on.  It will be released in late November.

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grizz632 said...

Cool stuff. I might be in for a box of the Rookie Edition Premium if I can find one. AmiAmi and Niki are both sold out for preorders but I'm sure I can track one down once it releases