Thursday, April 2, 2015

Eagles Team Issued Sets

Here's a couple card sets for the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles.

I've got seven cards from a 2006 set that Jason has identified as the "Seat Holders Club" card set.  Here's the front and back of one of them:

Jason has a list of around 50 cards from this set over at his post on team issued sets that includes all seven of the cards I have.

I have four cards from the 2009 Seat Owners Club set, another set that Jason has an extensive checklist of (along with the 2007, 2008 and 2010 sets and partial checklists for the 2011 & 2012 sets).  Again, I'll just show the front and back of one of the cards I have:

Ryan picked up a card from what may be another 2009 Eagles issued team set a couple months back.

I also picked about nine cards from a 2013 Eagles issue:

What's nice about this set is that we actually know a lot about it.  For starters, Ryan picked up a pack of it a few years back, so we know it was sold in six(?) card packs.  Even better, however, is the fact that Jambalaya has the full set up at their site.  There are 74 player cards in the base set plus two "SS" subsets - one of 11 cards and one of three cards.  There are also 12 insert cards and (according to Ryan), three jersey cards and 34 autograph cards.

Jambalaya is located in Fukushima, Tokohu, so they've been selling the Eagles team issues the last few years.  Last year's set contained 69 player cards in the base set plus sixteen additional subset cards along with a 10 card insert set.  This year's set was apparently just released this week (in time for their home opener Tuesday?) and contains 76 player cards plus 17 subset cards in the base set along with another 10 insert cards.  Not sure of the details about memorabilia or autograph cards for either set but Jambalaya does have a couple autograph cards from the 2014 set for sale.

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