Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hawks Team Issued Sets

Here are some cards from some Hawks sets I've picked up recently.  Jason has the list of all the cards I have (and their numbers if applicable) at his mongo Japanese team issued cards post.

2002 "Official Fan Club" card set:

2003 "Official Fan Club" set:

2007 "Club Hawks":

The QR code appears to be a dead link.

2008 "Club Hawks":

There appear to be at least two different versions of the 2014 "Hawks Players Card" sets.  One has action photos and the other has posed photos of the players pointing at the camera.  The backs are identical.  And by that I don't mean they use the same design - I mean that the backs of all the cards in the two sets are exactly the same.

2014 "Hawks Players Card" action photo set:

2014 "Hawks Players Card" posed photo set:

One interesting Hawks set that Jason lists is the 2015 "Spring Camp" set.  17 of these cards were available on Ebay recently although they were a bit more expensive than I was willing to pay.  According to the seller, they were available only to fans visiting the Hawks spring training in Miyazaki and are fairly rare in Japan.

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