Friday, April 3, 2015

Orix Team Issued Sets

Some more team issued sets, this time from Orix.

I've got six cards from the 2011 BsClub set:

These are actually numbered and the numbering implies that there's only 19 cards in the set.  Here's what I have:

#2 - Yoshihisa Hirano
#3 - Mamoru Kishida
#4 - Chihiro Kaneko
#5 - Satoshi Komatsu
#8 - Shinji Shimoyama
#9 - T-Okada

I've also got 16 cards from the 2013 BsClub set (I'm going by the Ebay seller's description for the year as the card themselves don't say what year):

These cards are unnumbered other than the uniform number.  Here's the list of what I have:

#11 Takahiro Matsuba
#17 Shun Tohno
#19 Chihiro Kaneko
#30 Taiki Mitsumata
#31 Shunichi Satoh
#34 Shinya Nakayama
#38 Shuhei Kojima
#46 Takayoshi Kawabata
#48 Makoto Yoshino
#57 Nobuyoshi Yamada
#58 Ryo Toda
#59 Shohei Tsukahara
#61 Kohdai Matsumoto
#63 Issei Nakamura
#115 Daiki Hara
#119 Shoki Kakihara

I thought that the seller I bought this from had two other auctions for cards from this set that I did not bid on but I've been searching completed auctions on Ebay and not finding them.

Actually now that I do some looking around, Kohdai Matsumoto was only with Orix in 2013 so that would pretty much confirm the year.


Ryan Laughton said...

How much do you shop on Yahoo Japan? That's where I get 98% of my sumo stuff, but ebay does carry a fai amount of Jalanese baseball it seems. You see the current Prestige Collectibles auction? Some nice baseball material in there.

NPB Card Guy said...

I've been picking up most of my new stuff on there lately. I'd probably buy much more if I could buy from sellers directly rather than having to go through a proxy.

Ryan Laughton said...

I use JAUCE and have had a great experience, but it does add up over time using a proxy.

NPB Card Guy said...

Hmm, had not heard of them until now. Looks like they could be a little cheaper than kuboTEN (800 yen + 8% as opposed to 1000 yen + 10%) except for that 300 yen banking fee. Also looks like they don't factor in domestic shipping in their 8% fee unlike kuboTEN. I'll have to sit down and figure out the price point where it's cheaper to use JAUCE then kuboTEN.

Ryan Laughton said...

JAUCE only charges Y400 +8% on the second auction if you win another auction within 24 hours of the previous one. You do pay bank transfer fee and any domestic shipping seperately. The service has been excellent so haven't really looked elsewhere.

NPB Card Guy said...

So does the second auction need to be from the same seller? Do you pay the bank transfer fee on both auctions?

Ryan Laughton said...

No, the second auction doesn't have to be from same seller. They do combine bank transfer fees and domestic shipping if you win auctions from the same seller though, but you pay seperate bank fees if auctions are from different sellers. It sounds like kuboTEN doesn't charge you bank transfer fees, but includes them in their basic fee structure. Would be interested to see what your analysis comes up with. I'll go off and compare as well.

Ryan Laughton said...

ROne thing that I do like about JAUCE are two things. One is it's live bidding and I don't have to submit any order forms. This is for YJ and Rakuten only, but those are the only sites I use anyway. Seconds what I call, in-the-hole bidding. If an auction is ¥1000 yen and I only have ¥1000 yen in my account at the moment I can go ahead and bid. All the fees will start adding up and make my account balance negative. I don't use that often, but it's convenient if I am bidding on a bunch of auctions I can use my balance to go toward auction prices, not fees. Then once all the auctions are reconciled, I can go in there and add more money and bring my balance back to positive. Like I said, I don't use it often, but one of the services that makes me appreciate Japanese customer service and so I dont abuse it. Plus, JAUCE is owned and operated by the Japanese whom I find very pleasurable to work with having lived there for several years.