Saturday, November 21, 2015

Some 1990's Era Packaging

I wanted to do a quick note about an Ebay auction I won recently.  This auction included most of a box of 1992 BBM Series One (16 out of the original 20 packs) along with seven unopened packs of 1990 Lotte cards.

1992 was the only year that BBM ever split their flagship set up into multiple Series.  The 498 card set was split into two 249 card Series.  The box I picked up was for Series One (I already had a box for Series Two).  I already have the complete 1992 set so I'm not going to do a box break for this box but just so you know, each pack has 10 cards in it.  I opened one pack just to see what kind of promo material was in it.

Box top


Promo included in pack
The 1990 Lotte cards had one card per pack.  The packs also included two sticks of gum.  I will not be attempting to chew any pieces of 25 year old gum (although for what's worth, the gum still bends).

Lotte wrapper

I'll be updating my post on the 1992 set with the additional packaging images.  If anyone is interested in buying 15 unopened 1992 BBM Series One packs (plus the contents of the one I opened) dirt cheap, let me know.

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Fuji said...

The artwork on the Lotte wrapper is fabulous! Great stuff.