Sunday, January 10, 2016

Card Of The Week January 10

I saw an Ebay auction a couple weeks back offering a couple 1977 NST cards of "Cleon Jones".  I hadn't remembered that Cleon Jones had played in Japan but I been surprised before to discover someone had played in Japan briefly so I jumped at the auction - doing a "Buy-It-Now" on it and a couple other NST cards of gaijin players.  Once I paid, I did a quick look up and realized that I had remembered correctly - Cleon Jones had never played in Japan.  The cards were for Clarence Jones who had spent eight years in Japan - four with Nankai from 1970-73 and four with Kintetsu from 1974-77.  I have several cards of Jones from recent BBM OB sets (Hawks 70th and 75th Anniversary sets, Kintetsu Memorial, Legendary Foreigners) but I didn't have any from when he was actually playing in Japan, so I didn't mind the mistake that much.

Here are the two cards, showing pictures that I suspect were taken in the same at bat.

1977 NST #223

1977 NST #248

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