Monday, January 4, 2016

Parallel Universe

I wanted to mention that commenter Ryan Laughton has started a blog about Japanese sumo cards.  There are a lot of parallels between vintage sumo cards and vintage baseball cards in Japan so I expect that this will be a useful reference in understanding how the older cards were produced and distributed.  Ryan's already contributed interesting comments here about Yamakatsu and NST among other things so I look forward to seeing what he'll be coming up with at his blog.

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R Laughton said...

Thanks for the kind comments....I'm still uploading some content from my old website and playing with the formatting. There are definitely a lot of similarities and so I've always found the Japanese baseball info very helpful with my research and I'm hoping I'll be able to reciprocate as well. I'll have another post here in a day or so with a new sumo/sports/non-sports set that I've catalogued that also has 3 baseball players in it.