Sunday, January 17, 2016

Card Of The Week January 17

The Meikyukai held a baseball game at Fukuoka Dome* on January 1st.  NPB Reddit tweeted out a link to a video of the ceremonial first pitch of the game - Sadaharu Oh pitching to Shigeo Nagashima (with Atsuya Furuta catching):

*Yeah I know the Dome has a corporate name but I haven't gotten a check yet from the company that owns the naming rights so I see no reason I should call it by that name.

Nagashima suffered a stroke back in 2004 and has pretty much lost use of much of his right side - I don't think I've seen a video or picture of him in the last 12 years where his right hand isn't tucked inside his pocket.  But even one handed he still manages to make contact with a pitch.

Here's a card showing Oh and Nagashima when they faced each other as rival managers in the 2000 Nippon Series:

2002 BBM Giants #G114

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