Saturday, November 12, 2016

A Couple New Items

A couple new items that got announced/released while I wasn't looking...

- BBM's latest "Authentic Edition" box set is for the Baystars.  It's called Evolution and will contain 28 cards - 27 cards in the base set and 1 "special" card that could be an autograph or memorabilia card.  The set will be released at the end of the month (Jambalaya says the 30th).

- There hasn't been much in the way of cards for the KBO this year - just two team sets for Samsung and Doosan and the Baseball's Best Players set that came out last spring.  Another set has finally been released - it's another edition of the Baseball's Best Players set.  I don't know any details for sure about it but it looks similar to the previous two editions of the set so I assume it will have 100 cards in the set with some parallel issues but no autograph or memorabilia cards.  I'm not sure when the set was actually released but boxes can be ordered from Gmarket using the link - with shipping the cost is around $35.


Jason Presley said...

For what it's worth, the CPBL announced pre-orders for the upcoming 2015 CPBL set to begin 7 November 2016, with the cards hitting stores on 7 December 2016. Yes, 2015. They are still almost a year behind.

Dan Skrezyna said...

Thanks for the post. Didn't see these last week. Just ordered a box.