Monday, November 14, 2016

Hiroki Kuroda

Hiroki Kuroda of the Carp is another player who hung up his spikes at the end of the season - his final appearance was his start in Game Three of the Nippon Series.  His retirement ceremony was at the end of the Carp's Central League Championship parade and the Carp have announced that his number will be retired.  (There was also a bit of a panic in the day trading community in Japan over confusion between Kuroda and Bank Of Japan governor Haruhiko Kuroda who is NOT retiring.)

I've done a couple posts for Kuroda in the past - the first one when he left for the US after the 2007 season and the other last July when he got his 200th win - so I'll just show a handful more cards for him:

1998 BBM #76

2001 BBM #112 (Black Signature Parallel)

2004 BBM 2nd Version "Opening Game" insert #OP11

2006 BBM Carp #C005

2015 Epoch Red Helmet 40th Anniversary #05

2016 Calbee #199

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Tony Burbs said...

That last Calbee card is just a wonderful photograph! Hiroki must be one of the most loved players all-time on both sides of the Pacific Ocean.