Sunday, November 27, 2016

Card Of The Week November 27

NBP announced the Best 9 teams last Friday.  For those who don't know, the Best 9 Awards are basically a post-season All Star team.  There's one player at each position in each league (hence the "9" although the Pacific League picks a DH as well).  NPB changed the rules for the voting this past season to allow a player to be voted on in more than one position which allowed the result that I think they were aiming for to happen - Shohei Ohtani made the Pacific League Best 9 team as both the pitcher AND the DH.  This is of course the first time that a single player has ever been named to the team at two different positions in the same year.

In honor of this achievement, I thought I'd share a couple cards that commemorate Ohtani's first career win and first career home run:

2014 BBM Fighters #F76

2014 BBM Fighters #F79
BBM's Fighters team set from 2014 contains cards that feature his first three victories (he went 3-0 in 2013) and his first three home runs (he hit four in 2013).

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