Sunday, December 11, 2016

Card Of The Week December 11

When I did my post on the 2016 NPB Award winners a few weeks back, I neglected to mention that Kris Johnson of the Carp had won the Sawamura Award.  The award was announced in late October and it just kind of slipped my mind.  Here's his card for the new BBM Fusion set (#033):

Johnson was the first foreigner to win the Sawamura Award since Gene Bacque of the Tigers did it in 1964.  Now I mentioned when I did my writeup on the Fusion set that each active player was in the set because of something they did last season and each OB player was included because they had done something that was related.  I'm pretty sure the set went to the printers before the award was announced as it doesn't appear that Johnson's card is for the Award - it looks like it's for pitching back-to-back shutouts on May 17th and 24th.  The next card in the set (#034) is for Bacque but since Johnson's card is not for the Sawamura Award, neither is Bacque's - apparently Bacque pitched back-to-back shutouts a number of times during his time in Japan.

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