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More Ohtani Rookies Plus Promos and Stadium Give Aways

I did a post a few months back on various Shohei Ohtani cards from 2013 - basically anything that could be considered a rookie card for him.  Most of the cards I mentioned in that post were base set cards since that's pretty much what I collect.  In the past few months I've fielded a number of questions about other Ohtani cards from the year and I've done some research on what's out there in the way of additional cards.

First of all, I generated a list of every card I could find for him from 2013.  I used SCM #116 for the BBM issues and #118 for the Calbee issues (including the card values).  The Bandai issue was listed in the Trading Card Database's listings for him.  I've linked to images of the cards where possible (mostly to Jambalaya).  The BBM sets are listed in the order they were issued.

Company Set Card Number Description/Comments Serially Numbered Value (Yen)
Bandai Owners League 02 074 Not listed in SCM ?
BBM Rookie Edition 42 Pitcher 800
BBM Rookie Edition 42 Batter 800
BBM Rookie Edition 90 Then & Now w/Mitsuo Yoshikawa 100
BBM Icons - Hope 14 700
BBM Icons - Hope 26 Michinoku Express w/Yusei Kikuchi 300
BBM Icons - Hope Autograph Card 10 180000
BBM Icons - Hope DC04 Diecut Card w/Shintaro Fujinami 90 3000
BBM Icons - Hope DC04 Diecut Card w/Shintaro Fujinami 40 6000
BBM Icons - Hope DC04 Diecut Card w/Shintaro Fujinami 20 15000
BBM Icons - Hope PA14 Foil Autograph 50 7000
BBM Icons - Hope PA14 Foil Autograph 20 140000
BBM 1st Version 183
BBM 1st Version DR7 Diamond Rookies 700
BBM 1st Version Art Of Auto (not listed in SCM) ? ?
BBM Fighters F02a Pitching 500
BBM Fighters F02b Batting 500
BBM Fighters F83 Newcomer & Rookie 100
BBM Fighters F90-98 The Two Sword Player Puzzle 100 (each)
BBM Fighters KE1 Keep Evolving 500
BBM Fighters Autograph Pitching 10 150000
BBM Fighters Autograph Batting 10 150000
BBM Fighters Rookie Limited Edition Autograph 10 180000
BBM Classic 037 200
BBM Classic A07 Above Average/Perfect Pitching 4500
BBM 2nd Version 554 300
BBM 2nd Version CW058 Cross Wind 50
BBM 2nd Version TG07 Twin Gem w/Sho Nakata 600
BBM 2nd Version M07 Memorabilia Card 100 12000
BBM 2nd Version M07 Memorabilia Card (Patch Version?) 20 40000
BBM 2nd Version Cross Wind Autograph 10 180000
BBM 2nd Version Rookie Ball Card (Not listed in SCM) ? ?
BBM Young Fighters YF01 300
BBM Young Fighters SP1 "Non-woven fabric" card 1500
BBM Young Fighters P1 Photograph card 3000
BBM Young Fighters Autograph Card 10 160000
BBM Genesis 055 500
BBM Genesis CW143 Cross Wind Insert(?) 10000
BBM Genesis Autograph Ball 10 160000
BBM Genesis Patch Card (not listed in SCM) ? ?
BBM Fighters 10th Season in Hokkaido 02 300
BBM Fighters 10th Season in Hokkaido 89 Historic Highlights 50
BBM Fighters 10th Season in Hokkaido Autograph Card 10 130000
BBM Rookie Edition Premium RP19 300
BBM Rookie Edition Premium RP43 Golden Crop 100
BBM Rookie Edition Premium VC07 ? 8000
BBM Rookie Edition Premium PH19 Photograph Card 6000
BBM Rookie Edition Premium F19 Film Card 120000
BBM Rookie Edition Premium RM-F Jersey Card 5000
BBM Rookie Edition Premium RM-F Patch Card 20 30000
BBM Rookie Edition Premium Autograph Card 15 110000
BBM Rookie Edition Premium Autograph Card 5 200000
Calbee Series Two D-07 Exciting Rookie 800
Calbee Series Three AS-22 All Stars 500
Calbee Series Three S-61 Star 800

I think that's about 64 cards in all.  This does not include a lot of the parallel versions.

I swiped an image from a Yahoo! Japan Auction for some of the inserts that I couldn't find a Jambalaya:

2013 BBM Classic "Above Average" #A07
2013 BBM Young Fighters "Non-woven fabric card" #SP1 

2013 BBM Genesis "Cross Wind" Insert #CW143
The Calbee Star cards have a gold signature parallel.  I got the image from another YJA auction:

2013 Calbee #S-61 Gold Signature Parallel
Now let's get into the more interesting stuff.  I mentioned in my earlier post that Ohtani's first card appeared to be an promo of one of his Rookie Edition cards from SCM #97.  This turns out to not be the only promo version of this card.  There was a promo issued in Shukan Baseball issue #10 from 2013 that had a publication date of 2/20/13 (Shukan Baseball's issue numbers restart each year).  I don't have a copy of that card and I could not find an image of it.  However, there was another promo card for the set that was distributed at card shops.  The card I have is double sided with Tomoyuki Sugano on one side and Ohtani on the other.  I suspect that the promo set had 6 double sided cards in all that featured the 12 first round picks.  Here's the image of Ohtani's side:

2013 BBM Rookie Edition Ohtani Card Shop Promo
It would not surprise me to discover that there's a "Book Shop" promo version of this card as well.

Ohtani's 1st version card #183 has several promo versions as well.  Sports Card Magazine #98 included a promo version of this card (SCM card #208).  There is a signature parallel version of this promo card that reader David Saba shared with me:

SCM #208 Signature Parallel
 I am fairly certain that there is not a Shukan Baseball promo version of this card but again it would not surprise me to learn that there are "Card Shop" or "Book Store" promos of it.

The most interesting promo version of the card I've come across is one that was apparently done as part of a giveaway at the Fighter's minor league stadium in Kamagaya.  This is another two sided card with the image of the 1st Version card on the one side and a completely different picture on the other side:

I don't know much more about this card than that.  From the card number on the back (KP2) I assume that there are more cards in the set (presumably for other players) but I don't know anything about them.

The only promos I've seen for any of his 2nd Version cards have been a "Book Store" version of his Cross Wind card:

BBM also did an 11 card promo set for the Fighters team set that was distributed at or near Sapporo Dome (I have a similar promo set for the Lions team set that year):

The Ohtani card is a composite of the two versions of his card in the set with a facsimile autograph:

I've also come across a couple cards that appear to be team issued.  I don't know for sure if these were fan club cards or some sort of Stadium giveaway item.  The first card may have been a giveaway at Kamagaya as it shows the Fighters 2013 rookie class:

The other card is a card only of Ohtani.  Here's the front and back of it:

I want to stress that I don't own any of the cards shown in this post other than that "Card Shop" promo of the Rookie Edition card.  You can do your own searches for Ohtani cards at Yahoo! Japan Auctions by using this search.  If you find something you want to buy, I'd recommend using one of the Proxy Bidding companies that I've recommended in the past (Noppin, JAUCE or kuboTEN).

12/26 UPDATE: Just found another Promo version of 1st Version #183.  This was apparently a promo version available at an event at a stadium but I don't know if the stadium was Sapporo Dome or somewhere else:

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