Tuesday, September 10, 2019

2019 Epoch Pacific League Rookies

Epoch issued a set called Pacific League Rookies a month or so ago.  This is apparently going to be an annual issue for them - at least they did one last year as well.  This set is described almost perfectly by its title - it contains cards of all the "rookies" on the six Pacific League teams this season.

"Rookies" in this case means the non-ikusei draft picks from last October's NPB draft which isn't necessarily the same as all the players in the Pacific League that qualify as rookies this season (i.e. were drafted before 2018 but haven't played much at the ichi-gun level).  The term in this case also doesn't include a certain gaijin who signed with a PL team as an amateur this season.  As I said about last year's set - think of it as half the Rookie Edition set.

The set has 44 cards - all player cards.  Like last year's set they've got a bit of a high end feel - they're thicker than standard cards and they have shiny silver borders.  They scan better than last year's cards did.  The cards feature a photo of the player superimposed on a background that has one of the team's colors at the top that fades to white at the bottom.  Pretty much all the poses are the usual "pitchers pitching, batters batting" shots - I think there's one photo of a runner running.  Here's some example cards:






The cards are sold in a box set that includes some sort of premium card - either a facsimile autograph parallel or a real autographed card.  As always, I got (ok, RYAN got) an opened set that only had the base set.

You can see all the base cards here and some of the premium cards here.

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