Sunday, September 15, 2019

Card Of The Week September 15

I've got kind of a busy weekend this weekend so I decided that I'd get ahead of things a little bit on Friday night and go ahead and prepare the "Card Of The Week" post for Sunday so I didn't have to really do anything but publish it that morning.  I was feeling good when I went to bed that night that even if I didn't get any other posts done this weekend, at least that was all set to go.

Then I woke up the next morning and learned that Yudai Ohno of the Dragons had thrown a no-hitter against the Hanshin Tigers.  So I went scrambling Saturday morning to get a new "Card Of The Week" post together.  Here's a card of Ohno from the BBM Dragons team set from 2011, his rookie season (#D80):

On the plus side I've got a "Card Of The Week" post in the can already for some future week.

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