Friday, August 6, 2010

August Swapmeet

This is the swapmeet post for August. If you've got cards to sell or trade and/or there are cards you're looking for, add a comment to this post saying what you've got, what you want and how to contact you.

Here's what I'm still looking for:

A handful of cards from the 1995-2000 BBM sets
A bunch of cards from the 2003-06 BBM 1st Version sets
A couple cards from the 2005 BBM 2nd Version set
10 or so cards from the 2000 BBM 20th Century Best 9 set
The Kazuo Matsui Century Best 9 insert from the 2001 BBM Preview set
2002 BBM Japanese National Team box set

What I've got for sale or trade:

I'm slowly getting what I've got somewhat organized. I've traded/sold some cards in the last month, but I still have a lot of BBM cards from 1992-2006, along with some 70's and 80's Calbee cards, 70's Yamakatsu cards and 1993 Tomy cards.

I can be reached at

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Jason said...

Everything in my Sportlots store is always for trade/sale.

I've got random cards in the following sets in there:

1991 Calbee
1992 BBM
1995 Takara Seibu Lions
1995 Takara Yakult Swallows
1996 Takara Nippon Ham Fighters
1998 Takara Kintetsu Buffaloes
1999 Broccoli Seibu Lions
2000 BBM
2000 BBM Hanshin TIgers
2000 Calbee Best Nine
2000 Calbee New Face
2000 Calbee Star Cards
2000 Calbee Title Holder
2000 Upper Deck Victory Japan
2001 BBM Preview
2002 BBM
2002 BBM Preview
2003 BBM
2003 BBM Yomiuri Giants
2003 Calbee Star Cards
2003 Calbee Title Holders
2004 BBM
2004 BBM Hanshin Tigers
2004 BBM Yomiuri Giants
2004 Yomiuri Giants 70th Anniversary
2004 Calbee (the insert sets)
2005 BBM
2005 BBM Glorius Stars
2005 Calbee Title Holders
2006 BBM Chunichi Dragons
2006 Calbee Top Players
2007 BBM
2007 BBM Orix Buffaloes
2007 Calbee base and all of the insert sets
2007 Konami Baseball Heroes black & white sets

I've also got the following Takara sets (willing to break the sets if asked) that aren't listed on Sportlots:

1990 Chunichi Dragons
1990 Hanshin Tigers
1991 Orix BlueWave

I'm mainly looking for Tuffy Rhodes cards from my wantlist: