Saturday, August 14, 2010

BBM 20th Anniversary Set

This past week, BBM announced plans to publish a 20th Anniversary set. This will be a pack-based set that will highlight the past 20 years of Japanese baseball. The set will contain 252 regular cards - 108 (9 per team) OB players (but active since 1991), 108 (9 per team) active players, 9 managers (I think - if so, I'd expect Nagashima, Oh, and Katsuya Nomura for sure, maybe Senichi Hoshino, Koji Yamamoto and Hiromitsu Ochiai also - except Nomura hasn't been doing OB sets lately) and 27 "Great Records And Highlights" cards. There will also be two insert sets featuring Best 9 squads for the 90's and the 00's (19 cards in each) as well as a nine card "90-00's Top Super" insert set. There will also be autograph and memorabilia cards as well (if I'm reading the google translation correctly, some of them are from Hideki Matsui). The back of the player cards will show that player's BBM rookie card which is kind of cool. The set will be out in late September.


Jason said...

As much as BBM seems to feel the need to constantly be releasing sets, it would be nice to see them do a comprehensive ni-gun set instead of this barrage of historical sets.

NPB Card Guy said...

I'd expect that BBM feels that the individual team sets cover the ni-gun teams adequately. But maybe we'll see a Shonan Searex memorial set? (Probably only if they were the farm team for the Giants or Tigers. Of course, if they were the farm team for the Giants or Tigers, they wouldn't be the Shonan Searex...)