Friday, August 6, 2010

More New BBM Sets

BBM's website announced a couple of new sets this week.

BBM's annual "high-end" set Touch The Game will be out in mid-September. This set will contain 156 "regular" cards which break down as 108 player cards (9 per team), 12 cards for rookies (1 per team) and 36 cards (3 per team) for the cross set 20th Anniversary Cross Stream subset. There will also be the usual myriad of parallel issues and memorabilia and autograph inserts.

The Tokyo Big Six Fall Version set is a box set that will be released in early September. Each set will contain 37 cards - 36 "regular" cards (which will be a team card and five player cards for each team) plus an insert card. The insert card will be one of 10 cards commemorating the players who won awards for the Spring season. BBM is touting that this set will contain the last college card for Yuki Saitoh and the first card ever for Daisuke Takeuchi (who threw a no-hitter last spring for Keio).

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