Sunday, August 15, 2010

Card Of The Week August 15

Via Yakyu Baka, former Orix Blue Wave pitcher Koo Dae-Sung (who is Korean and was most recently playing for the Hanwha Eagles of the KBO and is a former New York Met) has announced that he will be retiring at the end of the season. He played for Orix from 2001 to 2004, departing them for his single season for the Mets. Here's his 2003 Calbee card (#165):


jop said...

hello mr npb

i just want to ask if you have any idea how much is this 80"s all star figure ????

thank you

NPB Card Guy said...

No idea. Do you know who any of the players are and when the figures were produced?

jop said...

i think this players are ishige(lions)bryant(buffaloes) kakefu,R.bass,okada,(tigers)fukumoto yukata(hankyu braves)yamamoto,kinagusa(carp)hara,nakamata(giants)yamamoto(hawks)takagi(taiyo whales)yazawa(dragons)ochiai,murata(lotte orions

who"s giants player signed this ball ??it has a number 30 in it ??
please help !!!

NPB Card Guy said...

Hmm, you've listed 13 players, but there's only 12 in the pictures - you list three Tigers and two Carp, but there's only one each in the pictures.

Given that the box says "80's something something", I'm guessing these are fairly recent.

For the autographed ball, what's the history on it? Currently #30 on the Giants is Masahide Kobayashi. Suguru Egawa was #30 during the 80's. I'm sure a bunch of other guys have had the number in between them.

NPB Card Guy said...

Here's what I've figured out about who the players are:

Row 1: ? (Lotte), ? (Yomiuri), Kazunori Yamamoto (Nankai)
Row 2: Ralph Bryant (Kintetsu), Akinobu Okada (Hanshin), ? (Hiromshima)
Row 3: Yutaka Takagi (Yokohama), Kenichi Yazawa (Chunichi), Kiyoshi Nakahata (Yomiuri)
Row 4: Yutaka Fukumoto (Hankyu), Hiromichi Ishige (Seibu), Choji Murata (Lotte)

I can't figure out the Lotte player's Kanji on row 1 and I can't see the Yomiuri player on row 1 or the Hiroshima player's name plates. If you can tell me the uniform numbers, I can probably figure it out (if that's Tatsunori Hara for Yomiuri, he'd be #8. For Hiromshima, Koji Yamamoto would be #8, Sachio Kinugasa would be 3)

jop said...

thanks a lot mr NPB

yah the other one which i forget to post is randy bass , sachio kinugasa and an unknown hanshin player

i got this ball a swallows and carp ball with multiple signs of an unknown player i was clueless about it ??

anyway thanks for the help

jop said...

many thanks mr. npb

jop said...


do you have any idea

who"s player signed this ball ??

many thanks in advance