Saturday, April 6, 2013

Alex Ramirez

Alex Ramirez homered for the Baystars at Jingu Stadium today for his 2000th career hit in Japan.  Ramirez is the first foreign player to reach this milestone exclusively in Japan.  It's kind of neat that he got the hit against the Swallows, the team he got the first 1184 hits with.

One of the things that has amused me about Rami-Chan over the years is that he always seems to be having a good time on the field.  There's been a number of cards showing him goofing off with the mascots of his team.  I tracked these down this morning, but I have a feeling that there's more that I'm missing:

2001 BBM Nippon Series #S22

2004 BBM 2nd Version #850

2005 BBM 2nd Version #810

2008 BBM 2nd Version #776

2009 BBM 2nd Version #794

2010 Calbee #002

I don't think the Baystars had unveiled their new mascot yet when BBM put out the 1st Version set last year, so they showed Ramirez goofing with Kiyoshi Nakahata instead.  For his 2nd Version card, he's holding a doll of Starman.

2012 BBM 1st Version #406

2012 BBM 2nd Version #654

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