Saturday, April 13, 2013

RIP Takumi Ohtomo

Former Yomiuri Giants and Kintetsu Buffaloes pitcher Takumi Ohtomo has passed away at age 88.  Ohtomo played for the Giants from 1950 until 1959, then spent 1960 with the Buffaloes.

I've got a couple of bromide cards of him from the 1950's:

I think the first card is uncatalogued.  The photo appears to be from 1953 as that was apparently the only year the Giants used that hat logo.  The second card is from the 1956 JBR29 bromide set.

I haven't seen Ohtomo in any of BBM's OB sets except one.  He had thrown a no-hitter against the Shochiku Robins in 1952 and is commemorated in last season's No-hitters set (#26):

A quick check of SportsCardForum's Inventory Manager also shows that he had a card in the 2004 BBM Giants 70th Anniversary set (which I'm actually waiting for from kuboTEN).

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