Sunday, April 7, 2013

Card Of The Week April 7

Well, it's taken me nine years, but I have finally completed the 2004 BBM 1st Version set.  When I arrived in Tokyo a month ago, I needed 110 cards of the 440 card set.  (I actually considered looking for a complete set rather than buying singles at first until I got the impression that no one had a complete set available.)  After a couple days going through the singles at Quad Sports, Mints Ikebukuro and Kanda and Wrappers, I was able to pick up 106 cards, so I left Japan needing just four cards.  I got those cards in the mail the other day:

I bought these cards from Scott Kaneko, who sells Japanese cards on eBay under the handle skaneko.  Prior to my trip to Japan I had considered sending Scott my entire want list,  but I was holding out hope that I'd be able to trade some of the dozens of doubles I had for the cards I needed.  And obviously once I was planning the trip to Japan, my hope was that I'd find everything there.  But luckily, he was able to help on the final four cards (and one of the two 2005 BBM 1st Version cards that I needed as well).

So, thanks for the cards Scott!  Scott can be reached via email at

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