Monday, April 1, 2013

Big News From Calbee

There was a big announcement released from Calbee today.  I'll quote from Calbee spokeswoman Eipuriru Furu's statement:

For the last several years, Calbee has been making their subsets more and more mirror subsets and sets from BBM.  For example, last year alone, we did a Title Holder subset that was like their Leader subset and an All Star subset that was like their All Star set.  We also did a subset for the Opening Day starters that was like one they used to do.  This year, we even resorted to featuring the team mascots on the checklist cards, just like they've been doing lately.

We've reached an agreement with BBM to take this trend to its natural conclusion.  Starting in 2014, we will simply issue BBM cards with rounded corners.  We will issue 1st Version cards as our Series One cards, 2nd Version cards as Series Two and whatever they are calling their high end cards next year as Series Three.  And we will be changing our name to BBM-Lite.

Full details can be found here.


P-town Tom said...

Wow. What a change! It sounds as though they have been bought out by BBM.

JasonP said...

If only some company was actually brave enough to issue sets with rounded corners in America! What a simple way to end the non-sense that is the grading industry.

Commishbob said...

You had me nibbling the hook for a moment there. Almost bit. ;-O