Monday, August 5, 2013

Great posts from Ryan

Ryan over at This Card Is Cool had two really great posts lately that I wanted to draw attention to (Ryan actually always has great posts but these two are of particular interest).  One of them is on the latest Epoch/OB Club set dedicated to Rookie Of The Year winners and shows all 40 of the cards (including players from the Yakult Atoms and Nittaku Home Flyers!).  The other is a discussion on what's out there in the way of checklists for Japanese baseball cards and what kind of checklists exist in Japan.


Ryan G said...

Thanks for the plug. Hopefully something good will come from the checklist discussion!

Jason Presley said...

I really wish we could link up with some actual Japanese collectors and somehow bridge the Japanese collecting community with the North American collecting community. That would lead to some great expansion of information for all parties.

NPB Card Guy said...

Yeah, that'd be really good, wouldn't it? The guy I buy cards from is aware I have the blog but I don't know if he reads it regularly. I know he just posted something on Facebook about a mid 70's Calbee card he got somewhere but I don't know the details (Facebook didn't offer to translate the post). I mention it just to indicate that he has interest in vintage cards as well as the new stuff.

I can try asking him if there's something you want to know - I meant to ask him about that Marines menko sheet because he's a Marines fan but you found one before I got around to it.