Sunday, August 25, 2013

Other People's Work

I wanted to draw your attention to a couple of items that other people have written:

- Ryan has continued to write a bunch of great posts dealing with many of the new card issues in Japan.  There are two of particular notice - one is about a team set for the Eagles that is being sold in packs at their ballpark and possibly nationwide.  It's called Heat (which is part of the Eagles's team slogan for the year) and resembles a BBM team set in a lot of ways.  The other post is on baseball cards being given away at games between teams in the Japanese Women's Baseball League.  Apparently the cards are being given away one at a time when you enter the ballpark for the game.

- I was kind of irritated by Pete Rose's comments this week regarding Ichiro reaching 4000 hits combined between the US and Japan.  I thought he was being very petty, especially since no one was suggesting that Ichiro would be replacing Pete Rose as the all time hit leader (and also because I remembered Rose at one point saying something along the lines of "He can count all the hits in Japan he wants, he's not going to catch me").  I thought about writing something about it, but Joe Posnanski beat me to it and did it much better than I would have been able to (which should come as absolutely no surprise if you're familiar with his work or even if you're just familiar with mine...)


P-town Tom said...

Thanks for the leak to Posnanski article. It was a good read.

Derek McKim said...

Typical Pete Rose...all about himself. quick question. Everyone knows that Sadaharu Oh is all time HR leader in Japan? Who is the all time hits leader? Is it as revered as HRs or like in USA?

NPB Card Guy said...

Isao Harimoto is the all time leader in hits in Japan with 3085. He's the only player with over 3000 hits in NPB. I assume it's somewhat revered but since it's not more hits than the US leader it's probably not as big of a deal as Oh's record. I don't recall seeing anything special about Harimoto at the Hall Of Fame last March but I could have missed it.