Sunday, November 9, 2014

Card Of The Week November 9

I'm a little late on this news but almost two weeks ago it was announced that Chihiro Kaneko of the Orix Buffaloes had won this year's Sawamura award.  There's been a lot of speculation that Kaneko might ask the Buffaloes to post him this offseason which since it's kind of not looking like the Carp are going to post Kenta Maeda would make him the biggest prize coming out of NPB this winter.  Actually that might be the case even if the Carp do post Maeda.

Here's a card of Kaneko from the 2008 Calbee set - they did a "Opening Game" subset that year featuring a card each for the starter and cleanup hitter on Opening Day for each team - the cleanup hitter for Orix that day was Tuffy Rhodes (just so you know):

2008 Calbee #OP-23

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