Saturday, November 15, 2014

Strange BBM Timing

I usually check Discount Niki's website to see what new sets are coming down the pike (or dori in this case I guess) but I don't usually post about a BBM set until they (BBM) have put something up on their own website.  Most of the time that works pretty well, but every so often for some reason BBM doesn't put up anything on their site for a particular set until after the set gets released.  That's what's happened with this year's edition of the Classic set - it got released on Thursday (the 13th) but BBM didn't have anything on their website about it until Friday (Japan time).

This is the second edition of BBM Classic.  It's BBM's version of Topps' Heritage and/or Archive sets where current players are featured using older card formats.  The base set has 108 cards - 72 (six per team) cards of current players using the 1992 BBM format and 36 (3 per team) OB players using another card format that I don't recognize.  I'm not positive that it's actually a "classic" format - it may be new for this set.  There's several insert sets - a 12 card "Best 9" set that isn't really a "Best 9" set as it's one player per team.  The set uses the 1997 Best 9 format.  There are three other 12 card insert sets that I think may all be limited - Run Producers (based on a 1998 Diamond Heroes format), Above Average and Pitcher Perfect (both base on 1999 Diamond Heroes formats).  The big draw is the autograph cards - BBM "bought back" cards and had players sign them as well as having autographed editions of the base cards from the set.  Since the set is already out you can see all the cards over at Jambalaya (base cards here, Best 9 inserts here, rarer cards here).

BBM also put something up on their website about a new set in their "Legend" series - Carp Legend.  What's odd here is that this set isn't going to be released until late December but BBM still doesn't have anything up on their website about the Lions Legend set that's coming out next week.  Very odd.

The Carp Legend set will contain 81 cards in its base set.  72 of these cards will highlight players who played on the six pennant winning Carp teams from 1975 through 1991 (hmm, this sounds familiar).  The other nine cards will feature "All Time Carp" - significant Carp players who did not play in that era - an excuse to get a card of Kenta Maeda in the set.  I'm kind of amused that the one subset has reddish borders and the other has greenish borders - seasonal colors with a set coming out around Christmas time.  The set will also have a nine card insert set entitled 80's Best Nine and a boatload of possible autograph cards.

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