Sunday, November 30, 2014

Last 2014 Sets?

There are two more sets for this year that I haven't mentioned - one of them actually was released last week and the other will come out in late December.

- The set that was released last week was from Sports Graphic Number.  Their previous sets were all dedicated to single players - Hiroyuki Nakajima, Masahiro Tanaka, Kenta Maeda and Tomonori Maeda.  This new set is actually dedicated to three Swallows players - Tetsuto Yamada, Shingo Kawabata and Yuhei (Takai).  The base set has 81 cards - 27 for each player.  Like their single player sets, the cards have a minimal amount of graphics and simply feature full bleed photos of the players.  There are several groups of cards that form a puzzle when put together, again like the single player card sets had.  There is also a 36 card (12 cards per player) insert set and I assume that memorabilia cards and parallel cards of some sort are also available.

- Epoch and the Japan Baseball Promotion Association (aka the All Japan Baseball Foundation, aka the OB Club) are teaming up to do a second JBPA 20th Anniversary set (following the one they released back in July).  It's a box set with 40 cards - a base set of 37 cards plus TWO autograph cards and one parallel card.  It will be released on December 26 and has a list price of 9,800 yen

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