Wednesday, September 16, 2015

2015 BBM 25th Anniversary Set Preview

I mentioned a few weeks ago that BBM would be releasing a 25th Anniversary set this fall.  There's information on the set up on their website now although it's not a whole lot more than what was out before.  As we already knew, there's 189 cards in the base set - 180 "regular" player cards plus nine "Great Records And Highlights" cards.  I'm assuming the 180 player cards means there will be 15 cards per team but I don't know how they will be split between active and OB players (I'm assuming that they ARE split between active and OB players simply because of the sample cards shown on the website).  The "Great Records And Highlights" cards appear to use the same format as the ones in BBM's 20th Annuversary set from 2010 - I don't know if that means that the nine events commemorated will only be from the past five years (so the new subset would be a continuation of the old subset).  And it appears that like the 2010 set, the regular player cards will feature the image of the player's BBM rookie card on the back side.  There will be four six card insert sets - "Old Time Stars", "Stars Shining Overseas", "Legendary Stars" and "Rising Stars" - and a large mix of memorabilia and autographed cards.  The set will be released in late October.

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